Speaker Detail

Jan Black

Jan Black is the creator of Ludi-Q’s(R), an unconventional method and suite of products that open our eyes to the unspoken ludicrous questions behind our sorriest, scariest, and most frustrating situations and relationships. Her latest book, May I Screw Up Your Life?, is the official guide to Ludi-Q’s. Jan materializes brands, books, and content for leaders in many fields while also developing projects of her own. Leaders like Ben Krause of DisabledVets.org and Marydee Sklar of Executive Functioning Success have relied on Jan’s “soul to street” mastery to bring their breakthrough ideas to life. Jan is a best-selling author, as well as an artist, poet, songwriter, and speaker. One of her passion projects is OnlyWhileImHuman.com, a phrase that also underlines her life and work: “Only while I’m human can I, so I do.” Now’s her chance, and she’s taking it.