Speaker Detail

Jia Jiang
Rejection Expert

Jia Jiang is the founder of 100 Days of Rejection, speaker and author of a soon to be released book (Crown Publishing) on how to overcome rejection. Several years after Jia Jiang’s career in the corporate, he took a life altering risk and stepped into the unknown world of entrepreneurship, which resulted in everyone’s biggest fear… REJECTION.

This became the catalyst that set Jia on the path to his true calling. To conquer the fear of rejection, Jia embarked on a personal quest and started a blog to face 100 Days of Rejection. His journey revealed a world that was hidden in plain sight, a world where people are much kinder than we imagine, discovering that rejection can be much less painful than we believe, and that it is the fear of rejection that is much more destructive than we know.

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