April 09, 2015

Principal Dean — TEDxMtHood’s Musical Superintendent
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Musician, educator, mentor, community developer, entrepreneur… the list could literally go on and on and on if someone were to ask Miles Dean Ewell (a.k.a. Principal Dean), “So what do you do?”

Born and raised in the small town of Essex, Vermont, Miles’s youthful days were filled with a passionate study of various musical instruments including piano and drums. Over time, Miles would go on to evolve his acumen for rhythmic expression through tools like midi-controllers, vocoders, and synthesizers; instruments common to DJs and electronic music-producers. His current production style incorporates all of these instruments and more.

Miles, known on stage as Principal Dean, creates a music experience inspired by the soulful sounds of the 20th century with a modern electronic twist. His personal record collection is filled with original pressings from the likes of Stevie Wonder, Prince, and James Blake, figures who defined the sounds of their respective eras.

However, unlike many other electronic musicians, Miles doesn’t use a laptop in his performances. He explains, “I could make a career performing at clubs, DJing my music nightly with a laptop, but as a producer and musician I strive for something more exciting, challenging, and engaging. I want a performance that pushes my boundaries as an artist.”

Having produced music for artists on Universal Records, sound-tracks for online videos reaching millions of action sports enthusiasts, and regular performances in night clubs across Montreal and New York, Principal Dean is truly a world-class musical act.

Aside from music, Miles has also dedicated his life for the past ten years towards improving after-school programs across numerous Vermont communities. As Director of Burlington Kids, an after school program of Burlington, Vermont’s School District, Miles works with underserved populations on a daily basis. With experience working in shelter homes, mentorship groups, and Boys and Girls Club programs, Miles’s passion for the betterment of the community is just one of the many qualities that our TEDx team greatly admires in this philanthropic artist.

For his TEDxMtHood performance on May 2nd, Principal Dean is creating a brand new musical set, incorporating drum machines and keyboard synthesizers — a performance that is sure to excite, energize, and inspire.

George Mihaly

George Mihaly is a Portland based video producer who enjoys drinking tea, practicing handstands, and bringing people together.