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October 06, 2018

Lillian Karabaic Uses Playfulness as a “CAT-alyst” for Learning
Category: 2018 Event, News, Speaker Announcements Lillian Karabaic is someone who makes and teaches boring things in fun ways. She missed the memo that you’re supposed to have just one job, so she does a little bit of everything. Currently that “little bit of everything” includes collecting and turning massive amounts of data about herself into art projects, leading bicycle rides dressed in silly costumes, dressing up in spandex Ziggy Stardust outfits to teach about 401Ks and student loans, writing books about “purrrrsonal” finance surrounded by kittens, and hosting a weekly syndicated personal finance radio show.

She is passionate about many things, but she is especially passionate about helping other people do and try things that they were scared of before but felt like they should get around to. This could be budgeting, testifying at a city council meeting, investing, trying out econometric analysis, or riding a bike to work for the first time. She loves looking at problems that people have and trying to figure out “how do I make this sillier? What’s the silliest version of solving this problem/doing this thing that can actually get this done well?”

Lillian has a very eclectic past, which includes living in a tree, in a broken-down RV on a hippie commune, in a homestead surrounded by national forest in India, in an urban ecovillage, in a geodesic dome she made from recycled political yard signs and bubble wrap. She has ridden trains in 31 countries, including last year when she traveled by trains (and one ferry) all the way from Dublin, Ireland to Shanghai, China. Many people in Portland know her for founding the massive mobile Bowie Vs Prince bike ride, which involved leading thousands of people dressed as Bowie and Prince around as a pedal-powered dance party for 9 years.  She is looking forward to TEDxMtHood 2018, where she will talk about how to add more cats to your daily work – “It’s more im-purr-tant than you might think!”

TEDxMtHood Staff Writer