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August 15, 2018

Announcing Our 2018 Event Venue
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TxMHpic3We are happy to announce that TEDxMtHood 2018 will be presented at the recently constructed Roosevelt Theater in North Portland. The event, with the theme of “Decomposers” won’t be the first, but will be the largest to date.

TEDx is all about “ideas worth spreading,” and what’s going on at Roosevelt High School definitely fits with that.

Made possible by a generous bond measure, the three-part reconstruction of this historical school and campus began in June 2015. According to the school’s theater arts director, Jo Lane, replacing the previous 85 year-old theater is a bittersweet experience. “There are a lot of memories the old place had, but we will make new ones.” Indeed they will.

The result is a state-of-the-art facility for the arts, comfortably seating 500, with all the technological bells and whistles to enhance any production. The students – from thespians, to technical crew, to stagehands – see this as a gratifying investment in them. They feel valued, and better equipped for life after high school.

For us at TEDxMtHood, the new theater provides a terrific arena to listen to some outstanding talks. As an added benefit, there is an expansive indoor and outdoor common area right there, a place to gather for refreshments and conversation—rain or shine. Come and check it out: October 13th at 6941 N Central St, Portland, OR 97203. Tickets are on sale now.

Ted Moeller

Feeling called to be part of the TEDx team—by name even!—Ted Moeller is a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces (a paratrooper chaplain) to plant a church in Vancouver, Washington. Ted loves the Pacific Northwest—its coffee, microbrews, sports teams, even its weather! In addition to being a pastor he is also a professor at Concordia University. Formerly, he was a high school basketball coach, a disk jockey, and co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (in 1988, sharing it with 35,000 other peacekeepers!). He married Patricia Chylla of Bloomfield Hills, MI, a third of a century ago. They have two children, Laura and Rebecca, and a Labrador named Kona.