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August 30, 2017

Vineet Edupuganti: Why Simple Solutions are Most Effective–Even When Conducting Scientific Research
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--TEDxMtHood is honored to introduce Vineet Edupuganti as one of our 2017 speakers!--

–TEDxMtHood is honored to introduce Vineet Edupuganti as one of our 2017 speakers!–

If you had told Vineet Edupuganti about biodegradable batteries when he was younger, he would have been taken aback. As soon as he heard about how little research there was on the topic he was determined to change it. He took the time, did the research, and picked himself up when something didn’t go as planned. Eventually, he was able to find that the magnesium alloy and iron based battery outperformed the results seen in literature, while also dissolving completely in just a few days.

Vineet’s work could change the future of medicine in diagnosing conditions that affect internal organs. He developed a biodegradable battery that can power ingestible medical devices. The battery dissolves after the device has served its purpose, which means it can be swallowed without causing harm to the human body. This technology can be used to power medical devices that track and diagnose conditions that affect internal organs, like gastrointestinal disorders, which currently require complex imaging or invasive procedures to diagnose. The judges at the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, & Technology were so impressed, they awarded Vineet with a $100,000 Scholarship.

Vineet’s love of science grew from learning about the early experiments of Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei in elementary school. Reading about the experiments, his first thoughts were: how did they make discoveries that made so much sense, but had such far-ranging implications?

Vineet started doing experiments in seventh grade with that clarity and reach in mind. He tried doing things like: creating solar cells using a kit and some fruit juices, creating a nanosensor to detect allergy-causing compounds, and developing a device that operates like the human brain. With everything in science, there were so many times when his initial idea wouldn’t work out, or the results wouldn’t make sense, but he was hooked on the endless possibilities of research. Through it all, he never stopped believing the importance of being able to look forward,have an optimistic mindset, and persist  even through roadblocks that at first seem intimidating and insurmountable.

Conducting scientific research has been an extremely formative and enjoyable journey for Vineet. Throughout endeavors and experiences, his interest in materials deepened as he worked to understand the many moving parts of a system and fit the pieces together to ensure the best performance. Electrical engineering, computer science, and materials science were particularly engaging; they may seem like distinct disciplines, but to Vineet they overlap tremendously, and that discovery has been tremendously fulfilling and exciting.

TEDxMtHood is excited to have Vineet Edupuganti as a 2017 speaker, sharing his love for science and his ideas worth spreading on how simple solutions can actually be the most effective and how to apply them to the world around us.  He will also share how biodegradable electronics itself is quite straightforward and how to get past some of our own personal  barriers when trying to create something.

Join us October 7, 2017 to hear Vineet’s captivating story, and the story of all our 2017 speakers!

Hailey Miller

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