Speaker Detail

Mary Peveto
Environmental Activist

Mary Peveto calls herself an “accidental activist.” In 2010, in response to dangerous levels of industrial pollution in the air at her daughter’s school, she founded Neighbors for Clean Air (NCA). Under her leadership, NCA has become a leader in advocacy for Oregon’s air regulations by building grass-roots coalitions in front-line communities impacted by toxic air pollution.

The NCA recently advanced an unprecedented overhaul of Oregon’s Air Permit program through a bill that created the largest funding increase ever for the Oregon DEQ. Mary’s committee work includes the Cleaner Air Oregon Rule-making Advisory Committee, the U.S. EPA Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, and the Portland Air Toxics Solutions Advisory Committee.

She also chairs the Multnomah County Advisory Committee on Sustainability and Innovation, and its sub-committee on Air Toxins. Mary holds a BA in History from Macalester College and has worked in marketing and communications for both Nike and Adidas.