Speaker Detail

Lillian Karabaic
Cat Economist and Radio Host

Lillian Karabaic is a cat enthusiast, radio host, spandex style-icon, and international public speaker who is on a mission to make boring things fun in unexpected ways. In Portland, Lillian is also known as the founder of the Bowie Vs Prince bike ride.

This 9-year tradition has grown to over 1,500 costumed riders having a citywide dance party on two wheels. As host of the syndicated Oh My Dollar! radio show, she teaches personal finance with a dash of glitter. Her first book, Get Your Money Together, uses illustrated cats to explain purrsonal finance.

In her twenties Lillian had 40 jobs, including dishwasher, social worker, tax preparer, figure skating coach, organic farmer, bagel deliverer, zine librarian, stripper economist, database wizard, and bicycle valet. Lillian has lived in a geodesic dome made of recycled political yard signs, in a tree, and has ridden trains in 31 countries.