Speaker Detail

Jessica Katz

Jessica Katz founded the Family Preservation Project at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in 2003 which is the subject of the documentary film, “Mothering Inside.” Prior to founding the Family Preservation Project, she worked with the Children’s Aid Society in New York to create programs advocating for the rights of parents involved in the child welfare system. She also taught legal education workshops at prisons throughout New York through Columbia University’s Prisoners and Families Clinic. Jessica has presented at local, national and international conferences., has been recognized as a Re-unification Hero by the American Bar Association, and is an Alumna of Emerge Oregon. Recently she was instrumental in making Oregon the first state to legislatively adopt a “Bill of Rights for Children of Incarcerated Parents.” Jessica is honored to work alongside women and children who have been most directly impacted by our criminal legal system towards more just and humane solutions.