Speaker Detail

Derenda Schubert
Intergenerational Community Leader

A licensed psychologist with extensive professional experience in counseling children and families, Derenda has found herself creating, managing, and evaluating foster care and mental health programs in Chicago and Portland. Her passion is discovering intergenerational solutions to complex social challenges.

To that end, Derenda now serves as Executive Director of Bridge Meadows, a unique, multigenerational community. At Bridge Meadows, adoptive parents, foster children, and seniors share a home built with love and in a vision of a better tomorrow. Under her leadership, Bridge Meadows has received recognition by the National Home Builders Association and the 2014 award for Intergenerational Excellence by the Eisner Foundation.

Derenda’s passion for making the world a better place for children, families, and elders is inspired by her own children and the love of her grandmothers. Bridge Meadows shows how advancing the power of community can be transformative in the real world.