Speaker Detail

Pippin Beard and Kristen Kingsbury
Filmmakers — Portland, Inc.

Husband and wife filmmaker duo, Pippin Beard and Kristen Kingsbury, have been creating together for the last decade. Pippin, a camera toting Oregonian, is equipped with endless energy and the non-stop pursuit of optimism. This includes getting that impossible shot and the improbable interview. Kristen, a New York transplant who moved here to work on Coraline, has a knack for telling challenging, outrageous stories. They’ve combined their talents and ceaseless energy to tell the most compelling and timely tale imaginable in the film Portland, Inc. – the story on Portland as it faces its own endeavor: change. They have conducted more than 40 interviews, bringing Portland’s paramount voices under one lens to explore the past; to look critically at what’s happening now as our city faces rapid transformation; to examine the result when equity is dropped from the city livability conversation; and to seek the answer: Is the future that’s being designed for us, good enough?

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