Speaker Detail

Victoria Lara
Resilient Community Changemaker

Founder and CEO of Lara Media Services LLC, Victoria Lara has been a tireless community leader and civil rights advocate for more than a decade. The growth of the Latino community and the potential for culturally sensitive engagement prompted her decision to open her own agency. Lara Media is the only Latina woman-owned marketing agency in the Pacific Northwest.

Her endless commitment and advocacy for the community has earned her recognition as an American Dreamer recipient in 2013 and Small Business Champion in 2014. She also serves on the boards of community organizations such as Causa, Latino Network, All Hands Raised, Hacienda CDC, and James Beard Public Market.

Victoria believes that in order to navigate the complexities of today’s media landscape, media professionals should have a comprehensive understanding, not only of the Latino market, but all minority communities. Only a person who lives the same challenges everyday can understand and reach them in the right way.

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