March 12, 2014

Speaker Announcement: Ryan Wines — Revolutionizing the Creative Work Environment
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Ryan Wines

Ryan is an ardent advocate for artists. “Few things in life give me greater satisfaction than working with independent artists to achieve more through collaboration than they could have otherwise achieved on their own.”

He has seen artists quit their day jobs to pursue the passion of their hearts, something he says feels wonderful to be a part of, and should be celebrated.

Working in what he describes as a rapidly evolving — and in some ways, deteriorating — global music landscape, he finds his role gratifying. In addition to composing original music for film, advertising and television, under his direction Marmoset, works with handpicked independent artists for music licensing endeavors.

“I find great purpose and meaning in taking up my sword and shield to help fight and advocate for the often-marginalized independent artists of the world.” He works tirelessly to help restore value, respect and appreciation for an artist’s life’s work.

Ryan has been working with, and leading creatives for nearly 10 years now, and his vision today extends beyond his work with musicians. He’s here to lead a change in the way we live and work — our words, not his, but we don’t think he’d disagree.

“I feel like I’m beginning to figure it out a little bit.” For Ryan, understanding what creatives want, and what they need, to do what they do best is the key. In a comical, but pretty accurate comparison, Ryan explains, “It’s sort of like getting a cat to purr. Some will purr when you stroke them, others when you feed them. Yet others only when left completely alone.” He adds, “The challenge of discovering, understanding and then delivering what makes a creative purr feels like magic.”

One of Ryan’s greatest frustrations with modern culture is that we spend much more of our time working and much less of it with our loved ones. “How crazy is that? If what we value and what we find the most important in life is best measured by how we spend our time, then we have some serious problems.” Now that he’s a father, he says, “it’s turned on a light in my brain.”

The cornerstones of fostering a rewarding work environment for creatives, Ryan says, are trust, flexibility, caring and support. His own professional journey is rife with challenges and regrettable experiences. He doesn’t deny there’s plenty to be learned by looking in the rear-view mirror, but believes that what defines us is how we’re living today, and how that lines up with what we envision for the future.

“Every day when I walk through the doors of my organization, I remind myself of all of the work experiences I’ve had, and then ask, ‘If this was not my company and I was an employee here, would I be happy here? Could I find passion in this environment? Does this place feel healthy, safe and supportive? Is this a place that makes me want to give my best, day in and day out?’”

That inner dialogue has transformed the way he leads. Ryan embodies the joy and responsibility of being an advocate, a champion, and a mentor. In everything he does, whether it’s leading his company, working with musicians and other creatives, or parenting, this has become his life philosophy.

Join us on May 3rd to hear Ryan share his ideas about nurturing curiosity, creativity, passion and the thrill of loving the work you do.

Ivonne Ward

Though Ivonne now lives in Seattle, she remains tight with the TEDxMtHood family, and this is her second year with the planning team. Passionate about people, volunteering and problem-solving, Ivonne is guided by curiosity and a desire to make a positive and meaningful impact in her community.