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September 11, 2017

The Balance That Is What Is In My Art
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My name is Luz Elena Mendoza

And the question of Identity has been on my heart.

I am an extention of my mother, my father, my brother, my ancestors, my friends, my community

I am what I have consumed and what I have been affected by, and the hard and the good in this world.

Being a chicana, Mexican American has been and will continue to be a strengthening journey.

I am learning how to celebrate my beauty and history, and be and heal from within it.

I write in Spanish because it wants to be sung,

I write in English because it wants to be said.

And for so many reasons that I can’t understand, well that is left to the unknown.  

And within that kick lies that balance that is what is in my art.

That is what it is to be alive and human and let that be its voice, its own will.   


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Luz Elena Mendoza

Luz's music brings themes of searching, metamorphosis, shared humanity and for a faith that is greater than just religion. Born in San Francisco, she spent her childhood summers playing in the orchards of California’s San Joaquin Valley with her cousins, and it was there that she soaked up the melodies and stories that were being told through traditional folk songs with three-part harmonies. “I am thankful for all of my hardships,they have guided me to find rest in my soul, time after time. Over and over again.”