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July 16, 2014

We’ve Got a New Name — Introducing TEDxMtHood
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Photo by  Lucas Madar

On a warm night in June the TEDxConcordiaUPortland planning team got together on a WWΙΙ-era tugboat to enjoy homemade paella, local Oregon wine, and great company. However, this wasn’t just an ordinary planning team meeting or a chance to hang out with friends. This was the meeting where we would decide the new name for TEDxConcordiaUPortland! 

For the past four years the TEDxConcordiaUPortland team has curated an annual TEDx event that brings together unique, talented, inspiring speakers to share their “ideas worth spreading.” The planning team behind these events works tirelessly year-round to ensure that each event is as successful as possible for the speakers, partners, and attendees who spend the day with us. We constantly analyze each part of the day to ensure we continue to put on a high-quality event.

Recently, as we reflected on our May 2014 event, the team came to the conclusion that we needed to change things up. While we still believed firmly in the key values of our event, we weren’t sure our current name and venue fit our changing dynamics and our strong ties with the entire Portland community. Though we’ve had great experiences at Concordia University, we felt it was time to expand our reach to be more representative of the city of Portland and the surrounding communities.

So, several weeks prior to our tugboat meeting, we decided that we needed a new name and a new venue for our 5th annual event in Spring 2015. While we will still hold our event in the Portland area, we wanted to branch out and explore locations. But first, we needed a new name. The team spent a significant amount of time researching ideas for our name and brainstorming long lists of possibilities. However, the TED guidelines are fairly strict about what options an event has to choose from for a name. Nonetheless, after much in-person and online debate, several surveys and polls, and a couple conversations with staff from TED, our team was ready to officially decide.

Back on the tugboat, our team members offered some final thoughts about their favorite names. We decided to hold a blind vote and the owners of the tugboat were kind enough to count the votes so everyone could participate. After everything was tallied, TEDxMtHood was the winning name! To us, Mt. Hood represents an iconic landmark that is quickly recognizable locally, nationally, and even internationally. It’s the highest mountain in Oregon and one of the most prominent in the nation. Additionally, Mt Hood can be seen from every quadrant in Portland making it equally symbolic across the city.

The team has now applied and been approved for our 2015 license under the name TEDxMtHood. We’re excited to build on the past four years of learning, community building, fun, and adventure as we continue our journey as TEDxMtHood!

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Mt. Hood over Portland image by Lucas Madar.

Tina Shantz Hart

Tina is excited to be on the planning team for the first ever TEDxMtHood. She’s a bike commuter, yoga lover, pie baker, and adventure taker who loves meeting new people and exploring new places. When she’s not working on TEDx you can find her managing volunteer programs for college students or playing in Oregon’s woods and rivers.