Speaker Announcements

February 15, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Brian Lindstrom, Real Film

Brian Lindstrom

Language is a tool that we use every day. First we learn to understand it, then speak it, write it, and think with it; we string words together, crafting intricate ideas that are sometimes beautiful, yet still we’re not precise. … Continue reading

February 13, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Tony Hopson, Straight to Success

Tony Hopson

If Tony Hopsons trajectory to success could be compared to something, it would be a snowball, rolling down a hill. Thirty years ago that snowball was small, hand-packed, and perfect for throwing. Now, after decades of picking up speed, it … Continue reading

February 08, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Bruce Livingston, Playing With the Edge

Bruce Livingston

The edge is where the best stuff comes from. Creative people drive themselves towards it, sometimes out of desperation, hoping to find something worth bringing back to the world. But getting there is difficult, and even the most gifted of … Continue reading

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