Speaker Announcements

February 08, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Bruce Livingston, Playing With the Edge

Bruce Livingston

The edge is where the best stuff comes from. Creative people drive themselves towards it, sometimes out of desperation, hoping to find something worth bringing back to the world. But getting there is difficult, and even the most gifted of … Continue reading

February 06, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Roxie McGovern, Helping Children Heal Through Art


On Christmas Eve 2010, Roxie McGovern’s career took a totally different direction when Frank Etxaniz, her longtime friend and founder of Children’s Healing Arts Project (CHAP), called about an opportunity. As the Operations Manager at Anthropologie, Roxie saw herself growing … Continue reading

February 01, 2013

Speaker Announcement: Jim Zemlin, Open Sesame


Capitalism, the economic system governed by objective laws and based on individual rights has historically resulted in a free-market. Without getting into the complex and nuanced details of copyright and patent law, people and companies in the U.S. can choose … Continue reading

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