Speaker Announcements

February 01, 2015

Dan Carlin: Share Your Voice In Democratized Media

Dan Carlin

To better understand Dan Carlin, consider the “pause” button. When listening to music or watching a video, that’s what is pressed to put things on hold temporarily. We fully intend to return to what we were doing, but for a … Continue reading

January 27, 2015

Listening Out Loud with Dave Miller

Dave Miller

If you’re a lunch-time OPB listener, Dave Miller’s voice is a familiar part of your day. As the host and moderator of Think Out Loud on weekdays, he gets to talk with scientists and senators, writers and ranchers, cooks and … Continue reading

March 12, 2014

Speaker Announcement: Ryan Wines — Revolutionizing the Creative Work Environment

Ryan Wines

Ryan is an ardent advocate for artists. “Few things in life give me greater satisfaction than working with independent artists to achieve more through collaboration than they could have otherwise achieved on their own.” He has seen artists quit their day jobs to pursue … Continue reading

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