March 22, 2013

Introducing Action Breaks for TEDxConcordiaUPortland 2013
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Listening to the 18 live speakers and performers is only part of the excitement that you can expect this Saturday, March 23rd. In between the main stage sessions (there are 4 total sessions) you’ll have the chance to participate in our “action breaks”. Action breaks provide a variety of engaging activities to allow you to connect with speakers, partners, and other attendees. You can learn to brew the perfect cup of coffee, create unique art, write letters to students in Afghanistan, and more! Take a peek at the options below:

All Day Action Breaks

  • Join Oregon ArtBeat and Jolie Guillebeau for It’s Easier than Tying Your Shoes: How Anyone Can Draw (Yes, Even You). During this action break, we’ll teach you three simple tools to create drawings that will allow you to recreate what you see.
    Located in Room 314 of the Library (3rd Floor)
  • Grab a friend and visit the OPB Public Insight Network Story Booth to record your own story of change. Stories from the conference will be compiled online, and some may even end up on the radio waves of OPB!
    Located on 2nd Floor Mezzanine of the Library
  • Join Mohammad Khan Kharoti in connecting Afghanistan and the United States through letter writing to promote cultural understanding! Mohammad will deliver these letters to the students and they will have the opportunity to write back to our collective TEDxConcordiaUPortland (now known as TEDxMtHood) community!
    Located in the Library Lobby

First Break Only

  • Hosted by Marcus Young and Central City Concern Coffee, join some of Portland’s finest baristas to learn about hand brewing coffee following coffee industry best-practices. Those completing this Action Break will have the arsenal to brew amazing coffee.
    Located in the Library Lobby
  • Join TEDx partner and design team Band for a bike race where you don’t actually go anywhere. They set up a series of heats for you to test your endurance against your TEDx peers.
    Located on the Campus Green Outside the Library
  • Gary Hirsch will host a co-creation station where you can finish the “assignment” that he will give at the end of his talk. He’ll also be on hand to facilitate some spontaneous improv and other co-creative experiences.
    Located on 2nd Floor Mezzanine of the Library

Second Break Only

  • A People’s Choir invites you to come sing a complete set of Velocity-inspired pop songs with them during the afternoon Action Break. Use your voice to create community with your fellow TEDx attendees. No singing experience required.
    Located on the Campus Green Outside the Library
  • What if you could take recyclable plastic material from a post-consumer waste stream and use it to build an attractive, thriving organic produce garden? Come share in the vision of a group of Concordia University MBA alumni as they seek to change the world, one garden at a time!
    Located on the Campus Green Outside the Library

If you’re joining us this Saturday, which ones will you choose?