Monthly Archives: August 2018

August 31, 2018

Small Wonder: Morgan Vague Talks About the Hidden Power of Bacteria

Morgan Vague understands bacteria. And she can relate to the way they are not given enough credit for the miraculous things they can do. She is a recent graduate from Reed College with a degree in biology, who worked her way through … Continue reading

August 22, 2018

What’s in a Name? The Flowering of Kingsley

“You can be whatever name you want to be.” Hearing those words from her mother was all that it took for 12 year old soon-to-be Kingsley to take her name and matters into her own hands. As an indie pop artist, … Continue reading

August 15, 2018

Announcing Our 2018 Event Venue

We are happy to announce that TEDxMtHood 2018 will be presented at the recently constructed Roosevelt Theater in North Portland. The event, with the theme of “Decomposers” won’t be the first, but will be the largest to date. TEDx is all about … Continue reading